Friday, April 27, 2012

Embroidered pillow cases upcycled from clearance shams

I was at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day and found some clearance pillow shams marked down to $10 for a pair. They were sized for a regular bed pillow, but looked like they could be adapted to the size of a small square throw pillow instead. Namely, the throw pillows on my couch! I wished they were a tiny bit cheaper but the embroidery was so pretty and such high quality that they still seemed like a good deal. Aren't they cute?

On that same clearance rack I found an off-white sheet that had a drink spilled on it, marked down to $3. I figured if I couldn't wash out the spill there was still plenty of good fabric there to be worth the money. So I snagged that too. Good thing because I ended up needing to create a lining for the pillow cases and it was the perfect color. Incidentally, the drink stain washed right out so I ended up with a whole perfect sheet for a measly three bucks. Score!

Another handy thing about these shams is that the back was already set up with an overlapping envelope style opening. So that saved me the extra step of hemming those edges. I just cut off one end of the sham and hemmed up that side, being sure to keep a nicely centered opening in the back. I also trimmed the other three sides and hemmed those for a neat, even, perfectly sized case.

I'm loving how these came out!


Anita Elder said...

Very cool! But too tedious for me (I'm too impatient and all about instant gratification!)

SarahDesign said...

I totally get that! If I get an etsy shop up and running someday, maybe I'll sell them. That's instant gratification for someone! I like them though...not sure I can give them up LOL